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About Me

Who Am I?

I am a Web developer hoping to change the world one line of code at a time. I'm passionate & dedicated to all things technology.

What I Do!

I craft front end web designs, develop web systems and implement business process automation systems (ERP systems) for individuals and organizations.

Why Choose Me?

I believe i'm best placed to deliver your idea into reality in an all inclusive process and within a pocket-friendly budget.


Web design

I create simple professional designs themed for your target market. My designs are desirable & optimized for all gadgetry.

Web Development

I develop web systems that carry out different functionalities based on customer ideas. I bring your concepts to life.


Understanding your customers is crucial, I employ appropriate tools to help you achieve this better than your competition.

Digital Marketing

I carry out marketing using different digital technologies & strategies based on the project at hand & nature of business.


Modern Businesses are moving online, i build efficient eComerce platforms for new & existing businesses & SMEs.

Content Development

I create relevant content for your website, with carefully chosen keywords crucial for Search Engine Optimization.

Graphic design

I design and create simple professional graphic designs that communicate your brand's unique identity.

Video & Photography

I handle the visual aspects of your brand, good Imagery is a critical part of brand image while Video is increasingly favored as medium for information.

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